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Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking

ERASE Child Trafficking is a nonprofit organization operating out of the U.S. that is dedicated to helping the victims of child trafficking in a complete way. We help protect children from being taken by educating individuals, families and organizations on how they can prevent trafficking. We rescue children who have been placed into trafficking scenarios, and help them adjust to life once they have returned. Furthermore, ERASE Child Trafficking hopes to spur action across the globe to end this crisis.

What is child trafficking?

Child trafficking is the kidnapping, coercing or forcing of young people into slavery that might involve hard labor, servitude, sex work or other services. These children are bought and sold, moved from place to place and kept as unwilling prisoners often for years until rescued and removed from trafficking situations. There are currently over 5 million children being victimized by child trafficking, and 17,000 are taken each year in the United States alone…(read more)

Where does it happen?

Child trafficking is not an issue that occurs only in slums, poverty-stricken nations or underdeveloped areas of the world. It happens in our own backyard, to our neighbors and friends from school. While troubled or runaway children are particularly susceptible to trafficking, it can strike anyone—at the airport, at the mall, in a train station, or on your own street. Traffickers are experts at deception, and can disappear quickly with a stolen child…(read more)

Who are the victims?

Each day in America 46 children are taken and sold into slavery. Who are these children? Are they criminals and runaways, vagrants and orphans? The truth is that traffickers do not discriminate when it comes to who they choose to target. Trafficking occurs in poor neighborhoods and affluent suburbs, urban centers and rural areas. No child, family or community is without need for awareness and protection when it comes to avoiding the terrible effects of child trafficking…(read more)

Where are the children going?

What happens to a child once they’ve been taken into a trafficking situation? Some are immediately put on airplanes and sent to other countries. Others are sent to meet demand in cities and states around the country. Sending stolen children to other areas also helps traffickers avoid the possibility of the children being recognized locally. As a result, many traffickers will operate at airports and other transportation hubs where they can take a child and be miles away within minutes…(read more)