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ERASE Child Trafficking – Honored Recipient of the Inaugural Andesa Fellowship

ERASE Child Trafficking is the honored recipient of the Inaugural Andesa Fellowship. The Andesa Fellowship allows for an invaluable employee to dedicate their time and expertise to a non-profit organization while on three month paid leave.

Andesa FellowshipThe selection process is competitive and carefully executed. Employees and organizations alike are assessed for the maximum impact in the community. ERASE Child Trafficking was selected and paired with Larry Resnick, an expert in financial design and information technology. His knowledge gave ERASE the opportunity to bolster their infrastructure to have continued growth.

ERASE Child Trafficking is dedicated to breaking down the misconceptions and myths of child sex trafficking. Through extensive collaborations of individuals and other anti-human trafficking organizations, ERASE is bringing to light the stark reality of what is happening to our children across America. Through education and empowering action, ERASE is working towards the eradication of child sex trafficking. (Learn more about ERASE’s mission HERE)

The Andesa Fellowship is a leading example of for-profits and non-profits coming together for a greater good. If other businesses follow Andesa’s lead, a multi-talented coalition across multiple industries can be created. Furthermore, they can be involved in combatting the global issue of child trafficking. Fresh ideas can bring innovation – whether via strategy, technology, products or services to combat this rapidly growing problem. Bringing together for-profit and non-profit organizations automatically creates a multiplier effect for awareness and education of child sex trafficking.

ERASE Child Trafficking would like to thank Andesa Services for awarding them the fellowship and loaning out a valuable member of their team. The support of Andesa Services has greatly impacted the ERASE team. (Read more about the Fellowship at the Andesa Website)

About Andesa Services And The Andesa Fellowship

A pioneer in the field of corporate-owned life insurance and bank-owned life insurance (COLI/BOLI) policy administration, Andesa Services continues to be at the forefront of the ever-changing landscape of financial product distribution. More than 30 years later, Andesa is continuing to provide integrated, comprehensive policy and plan administration. They also offer support solutions for life insurance and annuity carriers and producers.

Andesa partners with top distributors and producers, as well as a number of insurance companies to ensure their clients have access to the best possible options in the market. Their private, secure cloud environment delivers their comprehensive suite of services direct to end users. With the foresight to focus on keeping delivery costs low and providing a robust secure cloud option, Andesa provides reduced hardware costs, improved market response, mitigated compliance risk, and efficiency gains.

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