Global Data Fusion Center

Global Data Fusion Center

In building the data fusion center, we know that Human Trafficking affects more than twenty million people globally and will continue without active intervention.

Every two minutes a child from the United States is trafficked for the purpose of human exploitation according to the US Department of Justice. It is perpetrated by a wide spectrum of criminal organizations ranging from individuals to organized crime syndicates. The amount of illegal profits generated is staggering…

The US Department of Homeland Security estimates human trafficking generates $32 billion in illegal profits per year. This is around the globe, second only to drug trafficking. Putting an end to Human Trafficking requires collaboration between the public, law enforcement, government agencies, and other anti-human trafficking organizations.

Global Data Fusion Center – Putting An End To Human Trafficking

The anti-human trafficking community lacks a secure repository for capturing and sharing NGO data. This is coupled with the need for a central information system with the ability to fuse and analyze data. There is no centralized support system to help volunteer organizations manage, disseminate information, train, capture data, or provide operational and reach back services in victim recovery.

The data fusion center will provide the mechanism to foster collaboration, exchange information, and maximize resources. It will also streamline operations and improve the ability to help victims of human trafficking. The center will support a collaborative effort across agencies and organizations and enable them to work together.  

The four primary focuses of the center are:

  • Provide education and prevention materials to the general public. This can be used by parents, churches, or communities to educate their families on how to keep their children safe.
  • Support NGO and volunteer organizations with a centralized platform and collaboration tools.
  • Provide partnered research universities current data for authoritative research and findings to support education and drive change in laws.
  • Provide current data for medical and reclamation facilities accepted as partners to develop and provide effective treatment protocols for human trafficking victims.

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