Executive Team

Catherine Marinis-Yaqub

Catherine is the Board Chair of ERASE Child Trafficking and has a deep passion for helping others.  She provides strategy for the organization and is involved with establishing relationships with key partners to combat human trafficking.  Catherine has a background in security and risk management, having served both in the public and private industry.  Catherine brings her experience in National Security to the fight against human trafficking.

Sandra Sparks

Sandra is ERASE Child Trafficking’s Executive Director. Sandra has transitioned from her role as Director of Communications & Community Outreach. She currently leads several programs and is responsible for overall organization direction, advocacy and managing external relationships and collaborations. Sandra has more than 20 years’ experience in the healthcare industry which is where her passion for helping others began.

Dr. Dan Altier

Dr. Altier is the Director of Organizational Development for a nationally recognized construction company, where he is building the corporation’s first integrative corporate leadership development program. Previously Dr. Altier spent over 20 years in the mental health field, working with adults and adolescents. He also spent years as a staff psychologist at a Midwestern medical center, where he instructed and supervised doctoral psychology interns. As a fully licensed psychologist, he has maintained a private practice focused on adjustment, affective and occupational disorders. In addition to his psychology practice, Dan provides consulting services to organizations in the areas of leadership development, organizational change, and occupational stress.

Dan is known for having provided critical incident debriefing and occupational stress treatment to Detroit’s two largest police departments. He has presented at local, regional and national conferences on behavioral medicine and occupational stress issues, and has been published on topics related to adolescent high risk-taking behavior. Dan received his doctorate in Psychology from Wayne State University and his MBA from Oakland University. He advises ERASE on its life reclamation programs.

Karena Steir

Karena is ERASE’s Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Speaker.  Karena’s passion to raise awareness about Human Trafficking has found her in high heels on the route of multiple half marathons as well as covered in heavy duty tow chains, walking barefoot or blindfolded. She shares these journeys through Livestreaming to shed light on this epidemic that is stealing the lives of women, men, and children. Karena utilizes Live-Streaming on various social media platforms to help educate parents, teens, and young adults about human trafficking.

Sergeant Marc Marty

Marc Marty is the Training & Personnel Sergeant with the Montebello Police Department in southern California. In Sergeant Marty’s 19 year career as a police officer, he has worked a variety of assignments. Currently, he is responsible for the recruitment and hiring of new employees wishing to join the ranks of the Montebello PD. Marc is also responsible for developing the department’s training subjects and programs.

Marc has been the driving force behind the development, implementation, and management of Montebello PD’s online presence. As the department’s social media manager and supervisor or the Community Relations Unit, he has experienced the positives and negatives of press relations, public relations, as well as internal relations, when it comes to the usage of social media in a law enforcement setting.  Marc is the producer of the BOLO Podcast and co-owner of Law Enforcement Social, promoting social media usage in the law enforcement community. He speaks publicly to educators and parents on the importance of the internet and social media safety for children.

Ryan A. Bell 

Ryan is a Media Specialist for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He uses new technologies to tell stories. From writing with robots to using neural networks to create art he helps redefine media. Ryan’s speaking engagements range from CES to VidCon to NATO, and topics range from VR screenwriting and app content creation to philanthropy and community.

As Founder of Summit.Live, the world’s largest conference centered around non-traditional media, he helps bridges entertainment and technology with the mentality of bringing the world together to innovate, connect and educate. Ryan has been recognized by The Presidential Office for his volunteer work with Special Olympics and youth mentoring programs. Ryan offers his innovative advice and assistance to help build public awareness of  ERASE’s mission and goals.

Dipak M. Patel 

Dipak is Co-Founder & CEO of Zeality, Inc. – A social engagement & media delivery platform for 360 and virtual reality content. Spanning three decades in Silicon Valley, he’s known for being an innovative and high-energy executive who empowers boundary-breaking companies and helps them become industry leaders. He was most recently chartered to lead a transformation of G-Technology, a leader in storage solutions for the Media and Entertainment Industry, by re-inventing fundamental operating and go-to market models as well as driving a culture of innovation and disruption.

Dipak is also the Founder & Managing Director of BIG Visioneering – an innovation consultancy which helps large multi-national technology companies chart new disruptive growth initiatives, Mentor at Wearable World – a media and innovation platform that connects businesses to the social fabric of the IoT and Wearable Things industry, and Advisor for DataRPM – a next-generation intelligence and analytics platform for big data solutions. “There are two distinct functions in Visioneering: Imagination and Invention. Before anyone can “invent” the future, they need to “imagine” it”. – Dipak M. Patel

Herman Fisher

After retiring from the United States Army, Sergeant Major Fisher continued to utilize his highly specialized training and experience within the defense services industry.  A Security Intelligence Specialist, Herman has 20+ years of worldwide high threat force protection and ground site operations.  With extensive exposure to Latin America and the Middle East’s socio-economic culture, Herman has a firm understanding of the vulnerabilities in this region that allows human trafficking to flourish.

Herman’s expert ability and experience to interface and coordinate with United States Security and Host Nations’ Intelligence agencies will provide invaluable knowledge as ERASE collaborates with others to grow the National Human Trafficking Task Force.

Dan Kerning

Dan was a Naval Flight Officer with 17 years of service. He ended his active duty tour as the Mission Commander in the first airplane mission into Operation Desert Storm. Later, at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in the Pentagon, he helped found the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) which passed classified information throughout the world and is still active today. As a Navy senior officer, he helped establish the first dedicated Naval counter-drug squadron (VAW-77) where flight crews patrolled the waters of the Caribbean in joint drug enforcement missions with the United States Coast Guard, DEA and other agencies searching for aircraft and ships trafficking illegal drugs.

While Dan was working for Nassau County Department of Communications, he built the County’s wide area network (WAN), much of which is still used today. Founder of WebHouse and Cloudscann, Dan has emerged in the technology venture capital arena as a trusted advisor and mentor, focusing on physical & cyber security and threat assessment.

Dr. Eric Reese

Dr. Eric Reese has been a practicing chiropractor in South Florida for the last 20 years. It has always been his goal to find the best solutions for his patients’ complaints by using the latest and most effective therapy options available. He has dedicated a large part of his practice to working with both amateur and professional athletes including athletes who played in the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Dr. Reese has also worked with a variety of youth and high school football programs, by providing physicals, x-rays and other services for these young athletes. He has also worked with families who could not afford healthcare by finding them affordable clinical and diagnostic services.

Joseph Kale

Joe brings to ERASE Child Trafficking more than 20 years as a governance professional spanning a 30-year career in the aerospace and defense sector. As a private consultant, Joe is currently focused on working with non-profit organizations and their governance structures. Joe has a broad base of experience and subject matter expertise creating top-tier ethics and compliance programs while transforming organizational culture. This has been accomplished in both a highly matrixed Fortune 500 company and smaller, entrepreneurial, private equity owned company.

Joe is an active volunteer in his community in a variety of organizations and philanthropic efforts, primarily centered around working with youth and children.


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