Reclamation For Trafficking Survivors

how we help survivors of child traffickingERASE is committed to educating people everywhere about the prevalence of child trafficking and the struggles trafficking survivors face, but our work doesn’t end there. Children who have been victims of trafficking often cannot simply return to their previous lives as if nothing ever happened.

At ERASE, we recognize the importance of providing children with the support and care they need after they have been rescued. This support is constantly evolving and can take many forms.

Many children who are rescued from trafficking situations require extensive psychological support after experiencing such a horrifying ordeal. They need a support system of professionals and peers who can make them feel less alone in dealing with the often devastating effects of what they’ve experienced. ERASE partners with a developing network of trusted partner agencies who provide mental health care to trafficking survivors. This ensures that they become fully equipped to grow and transition from being victims of these terrible crimes.

Lets Bring our Children Home

We can defeat child trafficking with your help.

Reclamation – From Hurt To Heal For Child Trafficking Survivors

In addition to psychological and mental health support, ERASE also partners with agencies dedicated to helping children whose lives may not immediately provide an idyllic return from their trafficking situations. The nature of child trafficking is such that it often preys on children who may already be somewhat lost. This includes some who have either run away from home or come from less-than-ideal home situations to begin with. ERASE and our partners work diligently to support these young people after their recovery. We also help them find them long-term living situations and support that will ensure they stay on the right track.

The work of advocating for and protecting children against child trafficking involves continued dedication and follow-through. Our goal is to prevent children from being forced into trafficking situations, rescue those who are being trafficked, and help ensure an effective transition back to normal life for trafficking survivors. If we fail to remain supporters and advocates for these children after their rescue, then we have failed them entirely. We consider helping these children reclaim their lives a task every bit as important as anything we do. This is a commitment that makes ERASE one of the leading organizations in the fight to end child trafficking throughout the nation and the world.