National Human Trafficking Law Enforcement Training Program

Human Trafficking Law Enforcement Training Program

In 2016, ERASE established a National Human Trafficking Law Enforcement Training Program, instructed by law enforcement. The Advanced Human Trafficking Investigations Course has been presented to over 200 agencies across the country. ERASE has presented classes numerous times in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, and California with classes scheduled for Texas, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies and Tribal Police have sent officers to learn how to identify and investigate human trafficking crimes in their communities. Advanced Human Trafficking Training has helped law enforcement to recover more victims and hold human traffickers accountable for their crimes.

This was one of the best training classes I've been to in almost 15 years of in law enforcement. It was very practical and much more useful than just discussing statistics and general principles and theories of the topic. Thanks for presenting! -Detective from Wake County, NC.

Human Trafficking Courses

The law enforcement classes are tailored to the region and to the specific needs of the agencies attending. Classes include hands-on/real-time labs, allowing officers to see first hand the problems within their communities. Officers learn new ways to utilize tools their agency already have or tools free to law enforcement. The courses offered by ERASE and/or IRIS Training range from the Introduction of Human Trafficking to Advanced Investigations and Executive workshops for management.  There are human trafficking classes available for patrol officers, investigators, detectives, prosecutors, and judges. ERASE and IRIS Training offers classes for  Multidisciplinary Teams and Human Trafficking Coalitions.

Sector Specific Courses

Human Trafficking Investigations Law Enforcement Course

ERASE’s team is modeled after the classes. There are members from local and federal law enforcement, prosecutors and direct victim service providers who work in tandem to ensure the best outcomes for victims of sex trafficking. The team has expertise in enforcement operations, investigations, interviewing, task-force leadership, community engagement, and advocacy for best practices to serve victims. Survivors are an essential part of ERASE’s team. They have a voice during training and are consulted with differing training initiatives. ERASE illustrates the need for a multi-dimensional response to the complex problem of human trafficking.

Advanced Human Trafficking Investigations

The Advanced Human Trafficking Investigations course is a 3-day, 24-hour class that provides law enforcement officers with operational tools and practices that allow them to proactively identify and recover victims of all ages. Most agencies do not have the budget to create a Human Trafficking Unit.  In class, participants learn various ways to collaborate with other agencies which allow for greater human trafficking prosecutions with limited resources.

Identifying and recovering an individual in a human trafficking situation is only one component of a complex issue. Officers are taught that being victim-centered is not enough when working with victims of human trafficking, they also need to be trauma-informed and most importantly, survivor-informed. Arresting and prosecuting a trafficker is rewarding and a great accomplishment….making a difference in someone's life who has been victimized by human trafficking is creating a culture shift. This is another reason why working in collaboration is important, Victim Advocates and Victim Services providers are an essential component to combatting human trafficking. Advanced Investigations Class

After 18 years of Law Enforcement experience, I will look at prostitution in a whole new way. They are victims and need our help!” Detective Harry German Jasper County, SC. Sheriff's Office

A Community Effort

With over 21 million victims of human trafficking worldwide, this fight is far bigger than any one organization. That’s why community collaboration is so important to everything we do. In our course, we encourage officers and agents to work with partnering agencies and non-profits.  Together they can educate communities, engage neighbors, and create a communal task force dedicated to identifying and rooting out trafficking.

In each class, we collaborate with human trafficking survivor leaders, human trafficking subject matter experts, and local guest speakers, to provide invaluable information and tools for participants. Anti-Human Trafficking NGO's Aequitas and Thorn, and law enforcement technology company, Sur-Tec help bring the most up to date resources and provide law enforcement officers with state of the art digital tools for recovering victims, identifying offenders, and developing successful cases.

A Difference Law Enforcement Can See

Principles and practices are great for the classroom, but without tangible results out in the field, they never leave the realm of theory. To facilitate that transition we spend a great deal of time on practical exercises.  As a result of lessons learned, warrants have been written, cases have been initiated, and victims have been recovered.

This is what makes the difference in our human trafficking training. Whatever their perspective on the realities of human trafficking, officers can’t help but leave the course clear-eyed about the problem. The change in mindset has them ready to roll their sleeves up and get to work in the fight.


“I just wanted to thank you guys for putting on a great training event. The training was exceptional, up to date and on point for immediate use in today’s Human Trafficking investigations, enforcement and prosecutions. Your team is top-notch and obviously experts in their fields. Thank again for making this happen and providing such valuable training.”

Michael J. O’Brien, Sergeant
San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
Gangs/Narcotics Division
Human Trafficking Task Force

How You Can Help

You do not have to be a police officer to help stop human trafficking in your neighborhood. When funding is available, we provide our training at no cost to officers, each class represents a significant investment on our part. We’ve encountered a great demand for this training and have many departments on a waitlist.  Through your donations, we can help bring our training to new areas. If you’d like to know more about how you can help us train officers, click here.