National Human Trafficking Task Force

National Human Trafficking Task Force logoIn growing a National Human Trafficking Task Force (NHTTF), we know that Human Trafficking is widespread and will continue without active intervention. According to the 2016 Global Slavery Index it estimates that 57,700 people are victims of Human Trafficking in the United States annually. Human Trafficking in the U.S. is a crime often hidden in plain sight. Victims rarely seek out assistance because of fear of the trafficker and/or fear of law enforcement.  Generating billions of dollars every year Human Trafficking is second only to drug trafficking as the most profitable form of transnational crime.

Collaborative efforts among investigators, prosecutors, concerned citizens, advocates, and legislators, the NHTTF will be to a force-multiplier in raising awareness. By increasing public awareness and helping law enforcement with best practices and protocols communities will increase their ability to identify and assist Human Trafficking victims.

National Human Trafficking Task Force – Communities Joining Together in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

The National Human Trafficking Task Force will support a collaborative effort across agencies and organizations and enable them to work together. Throughout the U.S. there are hundreds of agencies and organizations working to recover victims and hold traffickers accountable. Working together and sharing information will cause disruption of the Human Trafficking markets.

The National Human Trafficking Task Force is based on the 4P model; Partnerships, Prevention, Protection, and Prosecution.

The primary focuses are:

  • Provide education and prevention materials to the general public. This can be used by parents, churches, or communities to educate their families on how to keep their children safe.
  • Train law enforcement on best practices for identifying and investigating Human Trafficking crimes.
  • Bring together an informed community of victim service providers across the country to respond to the specific needs of trafficking victims.
  • Partner with leading technologists to create tools to better assist the multidisciplinary team of agencies and organizations that make up the National Human Trafficking Task Force.