Human Trafficking Recovery

Human Trafficking Recovery

In addition to bringing awareness and educating communities, recovering children from trafficking situations is critical to ending the problem.

Every single year, millions of children are bought, sold and trafficked as slaves. They are forced to become domestic servants, child soldiers, brides, beggars, sweatshop workers, and sexual objects. While child trafficking is indeed a global epidemic, it has rapidly grown in our own backyard. Instances of trafficking exist in each and every state in the U.S., and we are dedicated in the effort to collaborate with various entities across communities to return children to their lives, loved ones and freedoms.

Human Trafficking Recovery – From Despair To Hope

Human Trafficking Recovery is a complicated, detail-oriented process that requires a great deal of collaborative information gathering. As a result, we work extensively to share information with all agencies involved in anti-child trafficking initiatives. Our ultimate goal is to push forward a global movement involving public, government and private organizations. Together, these dedicated individuals can help end this shameful, global human atrocity.

One of the most powerful tools ERASE and our partners will use in the fight to end child trafficking is the Global Data Fusion Center. This will function as a shared network bringing together data from our tipline, anti-human trafficking phone app, education and reclamation efforts, and other anti-human trafficking agencies. Visit our Data Fusion Center page to learn more.

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National Hotline
If you know of or suspect someone who is involved in human trafficking, you can call the national hotline for confidential help and information at 1 (888) 373-7888

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