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ERASE Working To Fight Child Sex Trafficking In Florida

Child sex trafficking in Florida is a rapidly growing problem. Florida is ranked 3rd in the nation for human trafficking. Many advocates and organizations are working together to address the Sex Trafficking In Floridaproblem. Law enforcement agencies, community leaders, colleges, schools, and local businesses are coming together to protect our children. We feel it is our responsibility at ERASE to help as much as we can in South Florida and in other areas where there are large numbers of human trafficking incidents.

Participating in community events is one of the many ways ERASE Child Trafficking now works to combat child sex trafficking in Florida. To continuing to grow our efforts, we have opened a satellite office in the Center For Social Change in Miami. Over the past couple of months we’ve participated in a few events raising awareness and educating people whose lives could be directly impacted by child sex trafficking.

In September we had a panel discussion at Social Media Week Miami on how social media, technology, and child trafficking are intertwined. Our panelists, federal and local law enforcement officers and social media professionals, offered their expertise on how to keep our community and children safe.

The Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking In Florida

Educating parents and children is a big part of preventing kids from becoming victims. At the end of September we attended Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School’s Open House in Miami-Dade County. We provided information and tips on how students can protect themselves and recognize the signs of human trafficking. During the evening we encountered people who were unaware that their community had a growing problem of child sex trafficking. We applaud the officials at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School for adding this important topic to their Open House.

Seeing community and business leaders come together to tackle tough issues that affect their neighborhoods is inspiring. We are proud to be a part of Florida National University’s Powerhouse Committee in Hialeah. Last week we participated in one of their uplifting events, the Domestic and Teen Dating Violence Awareness Rally. This was a fun, positive, and educational event not only for students but for everyone who attended. We look forward to partnering with Florida National University for their Human Trafficking Awareness event in January.

Communities working together to protect our children is one of the many defenses in the fight against child sex trafficking. We look forward to doing our part by helping to raise awareness and providing education to those who are most vulnerable.

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